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I tell you everything step by step in an easy way to understand to get you up and running to become a successful trader. No pre-knowledge required!

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“The best investment is the one you did on yourself” You get access to

How I Teach You

Take a Peek of my Teaching style and How I Explain things

I do not claim to have made millions nor I own any flashy cars to show off but I do share what I have learned in my 7 years trading experience with everyone. Is it good or bad, I let you decide!

“I traveled whole of Europe and North America….all while trading straight from my laptop. If I can do it, then anyone can.”


“Just Like I Have” – Keith

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i worked in companies and businesses before 2009
i acquired a masters degree in finance from uk in 2010
i worked for investment banks for few years
Started trading in 2012 as curiosity
trading became my hobby, even though i lost most of the time
i didn’t give up
i started making net profits trading from my laptop at home
i left my investment bank job in 2015 and started YOU TUBE channel(can be verified by going to my YOU TUBE channel and CHECKING for oldest video)
i have achieved my financial freedom : D
i want you to be able to do the same

Number of traders who lose in the world 75%
Reported success rates of people who join my program 7 out of 10
This simple comparison of how many people have been benefiting from my program

I Teach You All Aspects of Trading Industry

Become a Successful Trader

If you are new to trading online to earn a side income or already trader who is struggling to make profits, then you are in the right place. With my step by step guided program I take you through from teaching you all the jargons to understanding charts to using simple but yet powerful methods to start making consistent income at level which you can sustain regardless of what your goals are.

Who is my Trading Program for?

  • Someone who is looking for side income
  • Someone who is willing to learn
  • Someone who is not looking to get rick quickly

Who is my Trading Program not for?

  • Someone who want to get rick quickly
  • Someone who does not want to learn or do anything
  • Someone who is looking to get rich overnight

How does this Mentorship work?

  • Step 1 : Join my Free Trading Mentorship Program(TMP)
  • Step 2 : Complete training
  • Step 3 : Graduate
  • Step 4 : Become Successful Trader
  • Step 5 : Find Your Financial Freedom

How is this program different from anyone else?

I talk the talk and walk the walk. Which means I try to deliver no fluff and straight to the point training which saves both of us time. Time is money, quicker you can learn from me, quicker you can become a successful trader.

How long in the Trading Mentorship Program(TMP)?

It is totally up to you how fast you get through it. Typically at my Trading Mentorship Program(TMP) requires 6 months at slow pace. You can work your regular job along my training. During this time you get to learn and be relaxed. Of course you can start trading much earlier if you feel ready.

In this non book I tell you what you need to not do in order to become a successful Trader at Forex. Download link will be sent to your email

What’s included

  • Foundation Forex Trading Video Course
  • Audio/Video Successful Trader Mind Podcasts
  • Access to all of my Ebook & Non-Ebooks
  • Free Lifetime Access to either Forex OR Crypto Signals Channel. You chose

74% Success Rate

This is number of my students who report to having starting receving net wins aftr joining my Trading Program

Some of people who I helped become profitable

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Trading Mentorship Program(TMP) cost?

My Trading Mentorship Program(TMP) is absolutely free. After graduation you are eligible to join my Premiere Trading Club for a one time fee of $250.

How Long Do I Have Access?

It is lifetime access to trading videos(including update videos added) along with Email support

How Will I Receive Signals?

Signals are delivered through channel on Telegram chat app which you can use on any Android, iPhone or computer

What If I have questions or issues?

Simply send me email and either me or my colleage will resolve your issue ASAP

I have no prior trading experience, Can I still join?

Absolutely, the course is for people who have traded before or are absolutely new

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is motivation

I share my thoughts and experience in audio via my Motivation Podcast. I will tell you how it goes what keeps me going!

Get my Motivation Podcast. Remember…”If I can do it, then anyone can” – Keith, Independent Online Trader

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