The Ethereum Code Scam Review

Read this full Ethereum Code scam ito find out truth about this scam system. Cryptocurrency investments has been profitable recently. Many other cryptocurrencies have launch since and increasing in number.

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What is Ethereum Code scam?

Ethereum Code is a scam system which guarantees you to make $10,000 a week. If this system really worked we at EZ Trading School would difinitely be using it and recommending it to all our readers. However in trading world there is no such thing as guarenteed profits. This is where we became skeptical about this scam system. We are warning our readers of it. We received email about it and you might have too.

Ethereum CodE REVIEW

Since the demise of binary options scams in 2017 new cryptocurrency scams increased due to popularity of rise in Bitcoin prices. This Ethereum Code is suppose to be auto trading system but we should inform you that auto trading systems are against the law. This is because the users must decide to make the trade themselves and cannot ask someone else or let any other system make the trade on their behalf. It is important to know that investor’s money is held at a broker and it is important to know that broker is safe. These unlicensed brokers make it harder to withdraw your money. Go here to see reliable and trustworthy brokers.

Ethereum Coin Bug freezes $150 Million

Due to a system bug users were unable to move or withdraw their Ethereum coin. See BBC’s news publication here.

Ethereum Code scam Software’s Fake Promises

Ethereum Code scam is similar to older binary options scam software system. It asks you to invest you money in it and promise you to make your thousands of dollars without having any prior knowledge or experience in trading. Ethereum Code system is developed by March Weston who claims to be financial expert.


Ethereum Code broker review

Ethereum uses an unregulated broker called Xmarkets. This broker is fairly new and does not have proven record of being scam free. We would not believe or recommend such brokers at this time.

How does Ethereum Code works?

As any trading system Ethereum Code is meant to buy and sell ordinary forex currencies as well as buy and sell cryptocurrencies. When you buy low and sell high you make a profit. The system is suppose to scan the markets and analyze data from various online sources. The system then predicts price movements in direction to be appreciation or depreciation in value and gives you signals. You may execute the order yourself or the system makes the trade itself on your behalf.

Some facts about Ethereum Code

Ethereum is actually a cryptocurrency which is digital or a virtual currency. Go here to read more about cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is second largest circulating currency being $68 billion dollars in May 2018. The price of Ethereum is at $684 in May 2018. The value of Ethereum rose over 2800% since its launch in 2015. Ripple stands being 3rd biggest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin prices of course are the highest with highest market capitalization.

Ethereum Code scam’s Fake Testimonials

Ethereum Code system shows fake testimonials which claim to have become rich fast. It is not possible to become rich quickly over night. Cryptocurrency investments has proven to be profitable but as any investment you need to decide how to do it.

Should I sign up with Ethereum Code scam?

We DO NOT recommend this Ethereum Code scam system. Save your money for something better.

Want a better system which works?..

Yes show me better ways to make money


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